About TechMinds

TechMinds Network Pvt. Ltd is a prominent Internet and Network Service Provider in Nepal with over 500 direct and indirect employees rendering their service throughout Nepal. Founded in 2002 A.D with the aim of providing Internet Service with then a reputed name of TechMinds Communication Pvt.Ltd has started to provide internet service as TechMinds Network Pvt.Ltd in 2007 A.D under present Director and Company Manager Er. Kamal Raj Bastola. In 2012 A.D TechMinds Network Pvt. Ltd started to provide full internet service over a dedicated leased-line in Nepal. It is connected to the global Internet through several Private Leased Circuits (PLCs) including Nepal Telecom. Today TechMinds Network Pvt. Ltd holds a good reputation with 5Gbps of Internet bandwidth with Network spanning at more than 50 locations in Nepal and is gradually expanding its network with an aim to cover all the districts of Nepal.

Today TechMinds Network Pvt.Ltd has substantial number of Enterprise customers which includes segments like Government, Private sector, Banking, Educational Institutions, INGOs, NGOs, etc. Our primary source of revenue is residential broadband Internet, dedicated Enterprise Internet and data connectivity.